Retirement is probably one of the greatest concerns most of our clients have. 

  • Can I afford to retire? 
  • Have I saved enough for retirement? 
  • How much longer do I need to work? 
  • How much more should I save? 
  • How much can I spend annually from my portfolio?

We will help you answer these difficult questions and provide you with a detailed retirement projection illustrating year by year whether you are on track to meet your goals. 

For those nearing retirement or in the retirement phase of life, we will provide you with a strategy to create a “retirement income paycheck” through the coordination of your financial resources (Social Security, pension, investments accounts etc.)  This will also include a strategy to spend down your portfolio assets in the most tax efficient manner possible. 

We partner with you to develop a retirement plan strategy that maximizes the use of your retirement resources, enabling you to maintain your lifestyle and providing you with confidence and peace of mind!

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