You've made some good decisions and done some good things to get where you are now financially.  You want to make sure your portfolio is managed in a way that will allow it to grow and support your lifestyle needs in the future.  You want to be confident you’ll make the right retirement planning and financial planning decisions to put you on track for a solid future.

You're a delegator.  You value and appreciate the advice of a professional and act on that advice.  You may not have the time, ability, desire or interest in managing your portfolio.  You'd rather have a professional capably handle that responsibility and allow you to focus on other areas in your life that bring you value and meaning.

You may be:

  • Approaching retirement and in need of a plan to put all of the puzzle pieces together to make your retirement dreams a reality
  • Already retired and in need of generating income from your portfolio to support your lifestyle in the years ahead and allow you financial peace of mind
  • A widow, widower or divorcée who feels overwhelmed with your financial life and needs help
  • A busy professional with significant annual savings, but realizing you need an investment plan and strategy for the future

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