Investment Management

We provide investment management that is customized to your personal, unique situation.  We have no "cookie cutter" or "model" portfolios.  We will have discussions about your:

  • goals
  • objectives
  • values
  • desires
  • tolerance for risk
  • need for risk
  • financial needs
  • time horizon
  • tax situation
  • life experiences

Investment Plan

Once we have an understanding of your financial situation and desires, an investment plan is drafted to propose the specific investment allocation to be utilized.  Once the investment allocation is approved, we will proceed in implementing the approved allocation over the time period noted in the investment plan.

Investment Policy Statement (IPS)

Following the implementation of the investment plan, an investment policy statement (IPS) will be written for you.  The IPS is a follow up to and an extension of the investment plan.  The IPS provides additional detail regarding how the portfolio will be managed.

Quarterly Performance Reports

Each quarter you will receive appraisal and performance reports.  These reports allow you to see how your portfolio is performing on an ongoing basis.

Ongoing Portfolio Management

A significant amount of time is spent researching how to best position your portfolio relative to the current economic and market environment.

Quarterly Updates

We write a quarterly investment or financial planning article that also provides updates as to potential investment shifts due to changes in the macro worldwide economy.


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