Why Continuum Wealth Management?

  • Fiduciary

    We are fiduciaries.  We are legally required to manage your affairs as if your money was our money.  This means your interests are put ahead of ours.  Your broker or bank investment consultant does not typically have this fiduciary responsibility. (See our article: What is a Fiduciary?)

  • Fee-Only

    We are "Fee-Only."  This means we do not sell any financial products.  We provide only advice that is 100% objective and in your best interest.  This removes as many conflicts of interest as possible and puts both the client and advisor on the same side of the table.  We work solely for you! Our ONLY source of compensation comes from you. (See our article: Fee-Only vs. Fee-Based)


  • Independent

    We are 100% independent.  We have access to the whole universe of investment opportunities and are neither affiliated with nor beholden to any particular investment company, bank or other corporate entity.  We have no boss or manager to report to.  We work only for you.



  • Financial Planning

    Our wealth management service provides Financial Planning advice along with the ongoing management of your portfolio.  This means we look at your entire personal and financial situation rather than just one portion of it.  We are in a better position to provide you with the best advice when we understand the implications of recommendations on all other areas of your personal and financial life.

  • Financial Advisor

    We are financial advisors first, business owners second.  Many firms have a principal who brings in new clients and manages the business, but is not involved in the day to day work.  We take the position that our level of experience is required to manage client portfolios and provide the needed financial planning advice.  You will always deal with the Principal of the firm, Craig Ritter, not an assistant or junior associate.  We are independent, wealth management professionals looking to maintain a one-on-one, personalized relationship with our clients.
  • Custom Portfolios

    We design customized portfolios to your personal, unique situation.  We have no "cookie cutter" or "model" portfolios typical of many firms.
  • Limited Clients

    Many financial advisory firms tend to bring on a larger number of clients in the name of "growth." Our business model is not designed to build up a firm to sell or to maximize our compensation.  We work with a limited number of clients to ensure we maintain personalized relationships and a "high touch" level of service.
  • Focus

    Many advisors spend a large portion of their time marketing for new business.  This is less time they have to spend on you.  We believe our time is better spent focusing on our clients and their needs.  When we provide a positive client experience, they are happy to provide referrals of family or friends.
  • Communication

    We communicate with you regularly.  You will always have direct contact with the Principal of the firm, Craig Ritter, either by email, phone or in a face-to-face meeting.  Any emails or phone messages are responded to in a timely fashion.
  • Coordination

    We can coordinate with your current professionals (accountants, attorneys, insurance providers) to provide a seamless management of your financial affairs.  This coordination limits the anxiety clients may feel with areas like taxes or estate planning.  We can provide objective referrals if there is a need for a particular professional.


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